Blocked requests

Yesterday we implemented a new protective service on our servers that will block requests if you’re sending too many at once to our servers. We did this because as it has developed through the years, Tribal Wars has become more and more complex due to the features we’ve added. Things like dynamic groups and the farm assistant have to process a lot of data in the background and so take a little while longer to load than the average web page.

Whenever you load a page in the game or perform any action, whether it be viewing the rankings, opening the rally point, sending troops via the map, or renaming an incoming attack or village name, your browser sends a request to our servers. Each world has multiple servers available to process your requests. On each server there are a number of “workers”, waiting impatiently to handle a request as soon as we receive it. Once a worker receives that request, it is 100% dedicated to handling that for you. It can’t handle another player’s request until it’s done with yours. If you’re loading something that takes a little while longer to process, such as a very complicated dynamic group or the farm assistant when you have over 2000 looting reports on your account, then the worker is busy until it’s done processing all of that data.

The number of workers available is a finite resource. We scale the amount depending on how popular the world is,  how old it is, and so forth. No matter the size of the world, there’s always enough workers to ensure that your request is served immediately if everyone is playing normally.

The problems start to occur when one person suddenly starts consuming more resources than they should be by sending a very large amount of requests at once. For example, if you use a poorly implemented script that attempts to tag 1000 commands at once. That means your browser sends all 1000 requests to our servers in one go, as fast as your browser and network stack can handle it. The average computer isn’t capable of sending 1000 requests that quickly, but can still handle maybe 50-100 per second. That means 50-100 workers on our servers are dedicated just to you. No other player can use them. Usually that’s fine, but what happens if multiple players start doing this? We can eventually reach the point where there are no workers left to process “normal” requests from everyone else.

The same thing happens if you use a browser addon or script to open 200 new tabs at the same time. That’s still a huge amount of requests.

There’s actually a term for this, a “Denial of service” attack. Although unintended, one person sends so many requests that the server has less resources to provide stable game play to the rest of the world.

So if you see a message in-game that you’re sending too many requests, you’ll need to reconsider what you’re doing. If you previously opened 200 tabs in one second, you’ll need to find a way to space it out a little. If you have a script that mass renames villages or tags things, make sure it’s being a good net citizen and add a timeout between each request. This is a necessary measure to ensure the server remains stable for everyone. One person or one group of players should not be able to hinder the progress of others by attacking the server – even if they are doing so unintentionally.

This protection also protects you from having server issues when people intentionally try to harm our servers. Sadly, this happens more often than you’d think.

So far we’ve seen that this protection has only kicked in for a very small amount of players, as little as 0.1%. For example, on the most recent Dutch world there have only been a handful of blocked requests, and these were for:

  • Illegally automatically sending requests to the loot assistant
  • Using a script to mass scrape data from the map
  • Sending hundreds of attack tagging requests in one second
  • Illegally automatically using the premium exchange



Changes to the Quick Bar

As you may have noticed, we started rolling out some changes to the Quick Bar this week. We’re making these changes for a few reasons and would like to elaborate on these.


When the Quick Bar was originally implemented, it was meant only as a way to quickly link to different parts of the game. As you know, the main use case is now to store and run scripts. The problem with that is every time you load a page in the game, every script you have needs to be sent along with the response. For some players this doubled the size of the response from the server. Unlike traditional scripts, there was no way to cache this. Now that most people have fast connections and computers the effect was negligible, but still something undesirable as even an extra 20-50ms in rendering time adds up.

Under the new system, scripts are not included in the data you receive from the server during a page load. Instead, when you click on a script in the Quick Bar, we request that script in that moment, then cache it on your browser for a short time period. This means you only ever download data you need, and if you run the same script 100 times in the same few minutes, you’ll still only need to download it once.

Saner restrictions

Did you know there was a limit of the size of the Quick Bar, but there was no sure way to know when you would be over it? The previous implementation had a size limit of 65 kB for the total size of the Quick Bar titles, entries, and metadata. This no longer really made sense, so we have removed this limit and replaced it with a limit of 10k characters per script. Before making this change we analysed all the scripts in usage and found the number of players affected to be very low.

Tribal Wars will start being served securely (over https)

When you try and access a service such as Google, Facebook or Wikipedia, you may notice that your browser shows a secure padlock and the page URL starts with a “https”. This means your connection is encrypted. Without this, people would potentially be able to monitor and view your internet activity, or even find out your password as you logged in. Your private mails could be intercepted.




We’ve been working on making the switch to https for Tribal Wars for several months now. Some parts of the game already use a encrypted connection. If you login with the Mobile Apps or use the in-game chat system, your details are sent securely.

The biggest blocker we’ve had is the usage of scripts. For a web page to be loaded securely, browsers must add several restrictions to maintain the security model. One of these restrictions is that if you’re accessing a page securely, you cannot load a script that is hosted insecurely. This meant that as soon as we switched the game worlds to a secure connection, any Quick Bar script that fetched another script would be blocked.


When we make the switch, we will have a temporary solution in place that will notice when your browser attempts to load an insecurely hosted script and will download it via our secure network instead. Unfortunately, we cannot keep this system in place forever as it is not ideal and may not work 100% of the time (especially in older browsers, or if the script relies on the request coming from your browser and not our servers). As such, we’ve started warning script authors now so that they can migrate their scripts to a secure connection as soon as possible.

Hosting scripts securely is now easier than it has ever been before. Some possibilities are:

  • Upload your script to a dropbox account and access it via the share link
  • Utilise the free service from Cloudflare that allows you to add https to your site
  • If you’re more technically minded, Let’s Encrypt will soon start offering free certificates


Fixes, patches and updates!, General

Changes in 8.21 for script authors

Hi guys,

In 8.21 we’ve made some small changes to our Javascript code and also introduced a new tagging feature that can be customized via scripts.

Incomings overview – mass tagging

When we updated the game to version 8.20 the changes we made to the renaming system unfortunately stopped some scripts from working. The most missed script was the incomings tagger, so we’ve now implemented this into the game. Whilst on the incomings overview you can now select any number of incomings and then click the ‘Label’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will label all of the incomings by guessing the slowest unit based on the remaining travel time, the same way as scripts would.

One of the challenges we face when implementing new features like this is balancing the customization wanted by more experienced players without making the game seem too complicated and alienating to new players. As such, by default, the tagger will currently only rename incomings to include the unit name. If you wish to customize the naming you can use a script. We’ve designed our tagger to make it easy for you to use a script with your own naming format with only one line of code:

var format = ‘%unit% %coords% %player%’; $(‘input[name=label_format]’).val(format).parents(‘form’).find(‘input[name=label]’).click();

This would label any selected incomings to include the unit, coordinates and player name.

The format supports the following variables:

%unit% %distance% %coords% %duration% %return% %sent% %arrival% %player% %origin% %destination%

Improvements to timing

We’ve made improvements to our handling of time related elements, such as the server time, resource counts and decreasing timers. Using new technology available in modern browsers we can now ensure that the times shown in your browser are more precisely synced with the actual server time. These improvements are available in IE10+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 31+ and Opera 20+.

These changes will stop any scripts designed to pause server time. If you wish to pause server time, you can click the server time display at the bottom of the page. You can also use the following code:


A subsequent call will unpause the timers.

Further changes in the next version

Please note that in the version after 8.21 will be changing the ‘attack ID’ that is visible when viewing a command so that it is obfuscated. Scripts that maintain a database of attack IDs will no longer be of any use.

Thanks for reading,

Fixes, patches and updates!

New world start on the Beta server!

Dear players,

The world 1 of our Beta server will restart soon, and we would like to see you join it!

The Beta server is where all the new features that are implemented in Tribal Wars goes first, allowing you to test them, give us your feedback and find the bugs so we can change it before releasing on your version.

More players on the Beta server means a better chance to find all the potential issues and bugs that new features sometime bring along!

It is a world where you can play normally, but finding bugs or errors and reporting them is rewarded! Please be warned that the world is in English, as well as the forum.

The preregistrations for World 1 open on the 24.01 and the world starts on the 27.01, you can join it here:

The settings of this world are a bit special, it will be a speed 10!

You can find the detailled settings here:

For every bug in the game you find as first reporter, you get a 30 premium point prize on the version of your choice. To illustrate: for 30 premium points you can get a 3-day premium account or use the farm assistant for a full month.

We will also grant some premium at the start of every month to all players!

In addition, we will run some special missions, displayed on the Beta forum ( every time a new feature is implemented, and these missions can make you earn more premium. So please make sure to register to the forum when you join!

This will be the case with the start of the world: new missions will start with the implementation of a new feature, the inventory!

Make sure to join and participate to this special world!

See you on the Beta server,

Your Tribal Wars Team

Fixes, patches and updates!, New Feature

UI Improvements

Hi all,

We’ve been working on some improvements for the User Interface!

Why are we doing this?
-to make playing the game more intuitive and easier to understand
-to reduce clutter and complexity
These changes are mainly intended to help get new players into the game. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already used to the way the game is at the moment, and may need a bit of time to adjust. Let us know what you think!

(Note: some images are not final, but don’t let that stop you from telling us what you do and don’t like!)

The Headquarters building is what we have changed the most, and also best shows what we’ve changed elsewhere.

The current Headquarters screen (8.15)

The current Headquarters screen (8.15)

The new Headquarters screen (8.16)

The new Headquarters screen (8.16)

This is what we changed (in the Headquarters)

  • Action links (“Expand to level X”) have been replaced with buttons. This was done to draw players’ attention to the areas of a page that you can take action – the most important areas. This is intended to improve your orientation within the game. Links are now primarily for navigating to other pages or accessing additional information.
  • Settings were moved to the central Settings area. This was done to reduce the amount of unnecessary information on the screen and possible confusion. They’ll still fulfil their purpose in the central Settings area, because they are typically not things you would switch on and off multiple times per playing session.
  • Building icons were replaced by miniature buildings, to improve recognition. As a result of this and the addition of buttons, the table rows now also have more breathing room.
  • Buildings that are not yet available for construction have been given their own section, for organisation’s sake.

Other areas of the game have been treated similarly. For example, here is the Barracks screen:

The new Barracks screen (8.16)

The new Barracks screen now also shows you the recruitment requirements and adds a link to the Smithy when you can research a unit.

The main change in other screens is that action links have been replaced with a new style of button.

How and when?
If you’re interested, you can go try out the changes on the Beta servers, where we’re still working on it. You can expect the changes on your local language version in beginning of October, with the release of version 8.16.

So, what do you think?

Fixes, patches and updates!, New Feature

Tribal Wars is looking for a developer!

Dear community,

We are looking for a PHP developer. Please find below a description of the position and the requirements. Please note that fluency in English is required for the position, as well as being able to relocate to Hamburg, Germany.

We’re looking for a new colleague to help us develop Tribal Wars!

Specifically, we’re looking for a PHP developer to work on the game’s backend and on the browser version.

InnoGames is a company that develops and publishes online multiplayer games such as Tribal Wars. It was founded in 2007 by the 3 original creators of Tribal Wars to allow them to make games full-time. We’re based in Hamburg, Germany. (That’s in northern Europe, which is not known for its beaches.)
We’re a small team that works on improving and maintaining Tribal Wars in all its forms: we’ve got the original browser version with backend written in PHP and frontend in HTML / Javascript, as well as the iOS app and most recently the Android App.

Have a look below to see if you would be a good fit:


  • Self-reliant realization of new game features, as well as optimization and further development in PHP
  • Planning and realization of database structures
  • Performance optimization
  • Ensuring a high quality of our code through reviews
  • Analysis and correction of errors
  • Adjusting the architecture
  • Optimization and automation of existing processes
  • Creatively co-shaping the games you work on by contributing your own ideas


  • Passion for Tribal Wars
  • Completed training (e.g. as IT Specialist), or a university degree (e.g. in informatics), or comparable experience
  • Very good knowledge of PHP 5.3 OOP
  • Good knowledge of databases (MySQL)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Fluency in English
  • Interested in current web technologies
  • Solution-oriented, fast way of working, as well as the ability to work under pressure
  • A high degree of individual initiative and a high willingness to learn
  • Good communication skills, and the ability to work in a team


  • Knowledge of PHP 5.4
  • Knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge of current web frameworks (e.g. Zend Framework)
  • Solid knowledge of German
  • Affinity to online games (especially to browser games or mobile games)

We Offer

  • Constant new challenges and projects in a sound and constantly growing company with flat hierarchies
  • Responsibility and creative tasks, including a high degree of professional freedom for your own ideas
  • A very good atmosphere in an intercultural environment, focused on teamwork
  • Flexible working hours (core time 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.), and many team events
  • Supporting and contributing to the company retirement arrangement
  • Further training on a regular basis, and a flat rate for reference books
  • Supporting your move to Hamburg (e.g. through temporarily staying at our company apartment, and allround support if moving here from abroad)
  • Funding your parking spot on the premises, or your ticket for local public transport
  • Preventive health care
  • Creative breaks, e.g. during table soccer, at the PlayStation, or in a beach chair outside
  • Complementary soft drinks and fresh fruit for all employees

Check out our job offer page for more general information about InnoGames and what we do.

If that sounds like fun and you think you’ve got what it takes, apply now!

Got questions? Shoot a mail over to

some of your hopeful future colleagues
-Jon “Morthy” Dawson (Browser and iOS Developer)
-Robert “Typhi” Aiking (Product Manager)

At InnoGames

Tribal Wars turns 10!

Dear players,

It is our pleasure to announce that Tribal Wars has turned 10 years old! In 2003, 3 friends built a simple game to have something to play with their friends, and save themselves from boring evenings. A decade and millions of players later, one could say they have succeeded!

For the remainder of June, we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate 10 great years with a look through history, celebratory artwork and a community contest! There will of course also be ample chance to show off the skills you’ve honed over the years in a brand new ingame event, starting on the 18th!

To get us started, we’ve put together a small video for the occasion. Watch it here!

Thank you all for making Tribal Wars what it is today, and we hope you enjoy the celebrations!

Join the discussion in the forums!

At InnoGames, General

Android App 2.0.9

Dear players,

We updated the Android App to version 2.0.9 with the following changes:

  • Fixes for push notifications
  • Tribe forum accessible
  • Added additional information overlays to village overview

Some additional info for those curious:

Push notifications
We believe we’ve solved the problem that caused certain accounts to not connect to our push notification services – but please let us know if problems persist!

Tribe forum
In previous versions the Tribe Forum would open in a the phone’s browser, and kill your playing sessions. It is now accessible from within the app, and we’ve also added a shortcut on the app’s menu for those who want to access it directly!

Information overlays on village overview

We’ve added the information overlays you know from the browser version to the App. All players will be able to see which level their buildings are from the village view, and premium players can additionally see information about completion time of queues and construction statuses.

Please let us know what you think, and what we should concentrate on next!

Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile

Android App Beta 2 Updates

Hiya readers,

A few weeks ago we silently replaced the old Android Beta app in Google Play with a new version, which included the following changes:
-app can be used to play on any language version (with some exceptions)
-improved performance
-additional natively implemented screens
-new look
-lots of bug and stability fixes

Since then we’ve released some additional patches, and plan to continue to do so every couple of weeks in the coming months.

Items we’ll be looking into next week:
-the issue with the tribal forum opening in your web browser instead of in the app
-the issue with the spear fighter showing up as recruitable in villages without barracks
-if we have a chance, we’ll also start working on showing the little overlays on the graphical village overview that show your building levels and for premium players the amount of time the building will still be busy.

Let us know what you think, and what we should concentrate on next!

Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile

Tribal Wars for iOS 1.2 coming soon

Hey all,

We’ve recently finished development of the next version of the iOS app and want to share what is coming while the app goes through approval @ Apple.

In this update we’ve taken on a lot of feedback from players and made several improvements/changes, as well as implementing new features and functionality.

Mails, Reports and Village information

The mails screen now has the same functionality as the desktop version of the game and shows your conversation partner’s read status for mails. The screen has also been optimised to show longer mail subjects.

The reports screen has also been optimised so you can always see the village involved in a report.

Lastly, after introducing the new top bar we received feedback about players missing the ability to see the full amount of resources and warehouse capability. You can now tap on any of the resource displays in the top bar to show a detailed view with all of this information.

New app functionality: Village Headquarters and Quests

We’ve now implemented the village HQ and quest system directly into the app for better speed and responsiveness. If the quests system is active on your world, you’ll be able to access quests from the bottom bar, which also shows the number of open quests and indicates if you’ve made any progress in a quest.

There’s not much more to say about the HQ, except that since all the graphics are loaded directly from the app it should be much faster.

New graphics

In the past couple of months we’ve slowly been replacing the graphics in the app to be suitable for retina devices. In version 1.2 we’ve finished this process.

The biggest change is to the map graphics, where we’ve recreated everything from scratch in much higher detail. Though we know this is a big change (the map graphics have looked the same for many years) we hope players will quickly get used to the new details.

We hope you enjoy this update.

Jon / Morthy

Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile