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7.3 and some breaking!

Aye, It is summer, and the last few days have been way too hot here in the office. Currently we are working on 7.3. This version will not contain too much new interesting stuff. It has some new content but … Continue reading

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High Tech

My preliminary-planning notebook for 8.0 (the version we might have mentioned in our Roadmap post). High tech is how we roll.

At InnoGames, Fixes, patches and updates!

Office mates

We got a few questions on Skype about who Jordan (on the right) and Gordon (left) were after Nino’s Friday post. It turns out that they are both in-house community managers – Gordon for a few English versions and Jordan … Continue reading


This weeks flashback

We worked, and we worked hard. Then we worked even harder. At some point, we had to take our regular breaks. At InnoGames this week, in a fast flashback! Robert starts Monday by not showing up in the office, but … Continue reading

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7.3 Popups

Hiya, 7.3 production is proceeding well, though a bit more slowly than originally planned. The majority of our effort so far has gone into improving some backend items, so there won’t be as much “ooh shiny and new!” stuff for … Continue reading

Fixes, patches and updates!, New Feature

Bug Finding

It turns out that the Tribal Wars Product Management department isn’t actually all that good with bugs. It’s good that we leave that to the developers. Pictured is Nino cowering outside his office door while a colleague from another game … Continue reading

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Dev Rock

Manning the drums is Heiko, Tribal Wars’ Lead Developer. <3 He and his band recently performed at a metal festival here in Hamburg. It was loud. :D /Robert

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Well that’s just pretty. What we’re looking at in the image above are the extremely informative and detailed notes (gosh, how did I finish school?) I made while helping explain one of the stranger aspects of the combat system. :D … Continue reading

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Meeting the Ninjas in their “village” HQ

Moin moin, at the end of my little private trip to Hamburg I visited our magic Ninjas in their office. When I arrived there they seemed to be starving so we left to have some food first. I was really … Continue reading

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Keys for closed bounty hounds beta!

Hi Guys, I thought i would share some Bounty Hounds Online keys with you. Bounty Hounds is one of InnoGames new games that we start publishing this year. It is a Sy-fi client game. You can find more information here; … Continue reading

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