Android App Beta Release

This week, we released the first Beta version of our Android app for Tribal Wars, on Google Play (android market). (No charge!)

It is still in a relatively early stage of development, so there will be some bugs, perhaps some missing graphics and a few limitations. For now, you will only be able to use and register accounts on (So don’t try logging into your or accounts. :P) If that doesn’t scare you off, head over to Google Play to give it a try! Click here for the app

Those of you familiar with the iOS app will immediately notice some differences between the apps based on the screenshots provided here – we’ve redesigned the main interface of the app as well as the way features are used within the app itself. On top of that, we’ve given it a graphics overhaul, to make it easier on the eyes. (Let us know what you think!) Besides the redesign, we’ve also included a couple more app-implemented features: the Construction and Recruitment screens, to be exact. You can see the current version of the Construction screen on the left here.

At the moment, the app only works with most Android touchscreen phones – we’ll be adding support for higher resolution and tablets before we release it beyond Beta.


We’ll start working on converting much of the same functionality of this new Android app over to iOS once we have got the Android version properly released.

We’ll let you know when this gets released for general use. For now, head on over to Google Play if you want to help us with some testing! Click here





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  1. Infinitum

    Sounds great! Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Txt). But nice to hear something about the app :).

  2. andy9611

    Diese App ist nicht mit Ihrem LGE LG-E510-Gerät kompatibel.


  3. Zarnergun

    Not compatible with :

    – Lg Optimus One
    – Samsung galaxy Ace
    – Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (lt15)
    – Sony Xperia S (lt26)

  4. GreenyBoy

    Just give it a try on my Galaxy S and it really looks promissing.

    Thank you so much and keep the good work.

  5. ryanrio95


    The App is really working fine.
    Can’t wait untill the full version is coming.

    But i found a bug. When i’am at World Select or on the Map.
    I always have to click a few times on the World or the Town i want to select.

    Regards, Ryan.

  6. Inerone

    Hope you don’t forget that some ppl use tablet instead of phones.
    As for the app The only review I can give is:
    “my device is not compatible” (samsung galaxy tab 10.1)

  7. Drefsab

    Wanted to try this found its not compatible with ICS? (HTC One X) developing an APP that doesnt work with the current android OS is bit of a fail.

    • Typhi

      It’s not the OS version, but rather the resolution that makes it incompatiable with your phone, Drefsab. We’ll be supporting it soon.

  8. MrPeabody

    Works on my Galaxy S2 Epic but I have a question. Are you saying that I have to start a new account to play the Beta version?

    Also, +1 for Tablet users. This would be great on my Motorola Xoom!

  9. ryanrio95

    When does the full version of the Tribal Wars app release?
    I hate it to play on the desktop version via my webbrowser.

  10. Pcmax

    Put the app.
    Is only beta

  11. sorin

    Not compatible with LG-P690, make it compatible with all the androids

  12. krischan

    Any news after 2 Month?

  13. Ken Brown

    A beta with restricted access, and new one on me.
    If plan is for restricted response its going the right way.
    Can only hope sgs3 and ics will happen by magic.

  14. Májkül Dzsekszon

    Nice work!
    I hope someone will make a Symbian port too.

  15. Carlos

    Not compatible with Xperia S

    When is release?

  16. July Derek

    Even the Beta is not Compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Note.

    Please get this App out soon !!!!!

  17. Just started on galaxy S. Real hit and miss as to whether it will load each time and cannot get it to work via Wifi.

  18. CyberZorro

    When is the apps for gonna be released? I’m badly in need of it as there are no decent TW apps for andorid…

  19. miklem

    I wait for the tablet release of this app (and not restricted to only beta servers)!

  20. Zack

    Yeah, please try to release it as soon as possible ;)
    My device, a HTC Desire on custom rom can’t handle the map(farm manager buttons) correctly in browser(native, opera, dolphin..). So I have to take my old iPod with me, otherwise I’m not able to farm. I’d be very nice for me if the restriction to beta is removed, since I don’t have any use for the app without access to my Acc.

  21. Chris

    Sensible to start compatibility with the Samsung s3 as it isn’t too different from s2 and will be a widely used phone?

  22. Rune

    Any idea when the app will be released for all communities?

  23. hardhacker

    hopefully soon launch the application server to the Brazilian

  24. Daze

    App for android is taking way too long this is pathetic….

  25. ante

    its been a long while with no updates……… Are you trying to get all to buy som crappy apple product…

  26. Dforcedude

    Need it to be released soon! I just downloaded 2 tribalwars apps and they are terrible :( can hardly play tribalwars on apps or online, becuase I use my LG Optimus Zip for tribal everytime i log on because my computer has dial up. will it be released within the next month?

  27. ricky

    Not found on google play…. How soon is soon. 3 months or 3 years :-P

  28. Suso

    It’s not going on my samsung galaxy mini :'((((

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