iOS App: Feedback and Plans

Hi readers,

Over the past few days, we’ve got received a lot of feedback over the “App Feedback” button in the App’s menu. Thank you all for the emails! We’ve only managed to respond to a bit more than half, but all of them have been read and appreciated.

We’d like to share the summarized list of feedback that we can work on, when you can expect it to make it into the game, and what the current status is. If there isn’t anything in the “Version” column, it means we haven’t figured out a good way to handle that feedback item yet.


– in the game
– in review by apple – almost released


Item Game Version Status
Friends 8.7
Quickbar 8.7
Account Sitting breaks 8.7
Show remaining troops in queue 8.7
Performance improvements 8.8
Change queue order 8.8
Easier access to account sitting 8.8
Packages academy not optimised 8.8
Show ODA and ODD on profile
Copying publicized reports
Easier access to tribe forum
Easy trains
App Version
Infinite loading 1.1.1
Easier multi-village handling 1.1.1
Notifications from other worlds 1.1.1
“New” indicators stay long 1.2
Email invite feature doesnt like quests 1.2
See when mail partner read message 1.2
Show secrets on map
More friendly context menu
Show church area on map
Show bonus village’s bonus on map
Farm Assistant in reports
iPad optimised
Landscape mode
Show all resources, not just k
Show limit of warehouse

These aren’t the only things that you can expect in future versions, of course. We’ve got some ideas of our own on how we can improve usability and convenience… but more about those later!


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  1. rezasyahida

    i will play

  2. Sam

    Is there any plans for a windows phone version?

  3. Nachbar

    Warum schraubt ihr ständig an der IOS Version herum, wenn doch angeblich eine Android/IOS Variante im Kommen sein soll die beide Systeme vereinigt?
    Irgendwie erscheint mir das wenig sinnvoll. Da vermutet man, dass dieses System nie erscheinen wird…

  4. piskatil

    New version doesn’t work with iphone 3G. Can’t you publish old version separated too or change version requiritments?

  5. Wargate

    I don’t understand why there isn’t a ipad version. Maybe it is mentioned somewhere but I didn’t see it. But i am wondering is Ipad version that hard to make?

    • Typhi

      It is, because we would need to redo at least some of the interface to create the best possible user experience on an iPad. (Which are generally used in quite a different way from phones)

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