iOS App: Feedback and Plans pt. 2

Hi again,

A quick update on the status of the feedback we received for version 1.1 can be found below. As last time, these aren’t the only things that you can expect in future versions – we’ve got plenty more stuff on the way to improve usability and convenience.


Item Game Version  Status
Friends 8.7.1
Quickbar 8.7.1
Account Sitting is broken 8.7.1
Troops still being recruited 8.7
Poor mobile pages performance 8.8
User invite feature not triggering quest 8.8
Change queue order 8.8
Packages academy not optimised 8.8
Easier access to account sitting
Show ODA and ODD on profile
Copying publicized reports
Easy trains
App Version
Infinite loading 1.1.1
Easier multi-village handling 1.1.1
Native stuff from other worlds 1.1.1
“New” indicators stay long 1.2
See when partner read message 1.2
Possibility to view exact amount of resources 1.2
Possibility to view warehouse capacity 1.2
Farm Assistant in reports 1.2
iPad optimised
Show secrets on map
Show church area on map
Landscape mode
Show bonus village’s bonus on map
Easier access to tribe forum
Loss of internet connection triggers several warnings?
Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile


  1. defeater

    Hi, i think you have done a very good work with this app but i have a problem. If i tap the arrow near the village name in order to switch to another nothing happens. With the double tap on the village name appears a loading message and stucks on it without allow me to change the village.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. Tealk

    I would prefere if there a App for IPad too

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