Tribal Wars turns 10!

Dear players,

It is our pleasure to announce that Tribal Wars has turned 10 years old! In 2003, 3 friends built a simple game to have something to play with their friends, and save themselves from boring evenings. A decade and millions of players later, one could say they have succeeded!

For the remainder of June, we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate 10 great years with a look through history, celebratory artwork and a community contest! There will of course also be ample chance to show off the skills you’ve honed over the years in a brand new ingame event, starting on the 18th!

To get us started, we’ve put together a small video for the occasion. Watch it here!

Thank you all for making Tribal Wars what it is today, and we hope you enjoy the celebrations!

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  1. will the conqueror


    I don’t like the fact that you can buy success in this game such as a +20% resource gain or build time reduction. In my opinion a game is supposed to be fair for all types of people that come from different back grounds. Their are people that can’t necessarily afford premium but are willing to put that effort into a game to only be slaughtered by someone who can dominate the playing fields just because he has a little cash!!!!


  2. jon

    I totally agree, this has been a long time favorite of mine, I have been a player since World 12 and loved this game ever since. I understand the even/odd, but It was a much more enjoyable game without PA advantages. Please keep my favorite game going like it was.

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