UI Improvements

Hi all,

We’ve been working on some improvements for the User Interface!

Why are we doing this?
-to make playing the game more intuitive and easier to understand
-to reduce clutter and complexity
These changes are mainly intended to help get new players into the game. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already used to the way the game is at the moment, and may need a bit of time to adjust. Let us know what you think!

(Note: some images are not final, but don’t let that stop you from telling us what you do and don’t like!)

The Headquarters building is what we have changed the most, and also best shows what we’ve changed elsewhere.

The current Headquarters screen (8.15)

The current Headquarters screen (8.15)

The new Headquarters screen (8.16)

The new Headquarters screen (8.16)

This is what we changed (in the Headquarters)

  • Action links (“Expand to level X”) have been replaced with buttons. This was done to draw players’ attention to the areas of a page that you can take action – the most important areas. This is intended to improve your orientation within the game. Links are now primarily for navigating to other pages or accessing additional information.
  • Settings were moved to the central Settings area. This was done to reduce the amount of unnecessary information on the screen and possible confusion. They’ll still fulfil their purpose in the central Settings area, because they are typically not things you would switch on and off multiple times per playing session.
  • Building icons were replaced by miniature buildings, to improve recognition. As a result of this and the addition of buttons, the table rows now also have more breathing room.
  • Buildings that are not yet available for construction have been given their own section, for organisation’s sake.

Other areas of the game have been treated similarly. For example, here is the Barracks screen:

The new Barracks screen (8.16)

The new Barracks screen now also shows you the recruitment requirements and adds a link to the Smithy when you can research a unit.

The main change in other screens is that action links have been replaced with a new style of button.

How and when?
If you’re interested, you can go try out the changes on the Beta servers, where we’re still working on it. You can expect the changes on your local language version in beginning of October, with the release of version 8.16.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Kofur

    The link to the beta servers is broken (need to add http:// in front for it to work correctly).

    As for the topic – the changes look good. I like how things are now and wouldn’t mind if things stayed exactly the same … but I can see that this is the next logical step for the UI, and have no complaints based on what I see here.

  2. chisum

    I like the new button style in general, but the buttons are way to big and cause too much scrolling on smaller screens and the colors don’t fit to the colors used ingame actually. Switching the normal button color and the hover color would be a better solution in my opinion.

    New general layout and centralized settings are fine. :)

  3. Waterloo

    I’d say that it look more modern, efficient and colorful. And just in time. Good job Inno!

  4. Florian

    I think the buttons are a nice touch, but a tad too big, i still want to be able to browse well on my phone. Secondly, the pictures of the buildings themselves in the hq for example seems a bit to excessive and eye-grabbing. I want to be able to look over my village with a clear and concise mind, not to have my attention moved here and there; I want to see the village as a whole (with smaller icons) more easily.

    • Typhi

      Hi Florian,

      Thanks for the feedback!
      The mobile-optimised version of the game hasn’t been touched by these changes (but already had larger images and buttons)

  5. -RGA

    I have a Huawei G7300 and the mobile version is horrible , I can’t do anything resolve the problem quicly please

  6. Nicovichen

    I think the buttons are ugly and unnecessary.
    It doesnt improve anything, just makes it harder since you have you have to scroll more often.
    It doesnt make it easier och more attractive.
    Total waste of time.

  7. Bruno2gp

    Parabéns estas melhorias são realmente boas.Principalmente para os novos jogadores, e também elas dão um toque melhor no jogo com este novo modelo os desenvolvedores estão de parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho.

    • Typhi

      Congratulations these improvements are really boas. Principalmente for new players, and they also add a touch better at the game with this new model developers are to be commended for the great work.

      I used Google Translate.

      Thanks, we’re glad you like it!

  8. Piotr

    Buttons, yeeey, more graphics, hurray for those who sometimes use Tribal Wars in work (during brake of course ;))
    I definitely enjoy the purest version, no icons, just text :D

    (at least please use proper description for img (alt=), when i turn off graphic would be good to see some text behind graphics)


  9. dorn3rher0

    in HQ [Not available / Requirements]

    Being the same shade of “knockout” will be a bit confusing for new people.
    Reading the headings of the chart is required to see the difference. The difference could be displayed in the actual visuals.

    At the minute you can see that [Not available] text is darker and a link.
    The [Requirements] text is lighter and not a link.
    The graphics are visually the same for both.
    The graphics for the [Requirements] are the same shade as the active link.
    Possibly lightening or making a the graphics for [Requirements] a little more transparent will help.

    Also… having the different graphics to denote the same entity could be a little confusing at first glance. But it isn’t that much of an issue as you would expect people to assume that eg… a level 20 HQ looks different to a level 10 HQ.
    Then again… assuming is bad.
    Would the graphics for a level 10 + level 20 HQ need to be different ?
    Does them being different add more…. than that complexity is worth ?

  10. perfect atualization, i from brasil

    i love tribal wars

    Soy web developer e programing

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