iOS App: Feedback and Plans pt. 2

Hi again,

A quick update on the status of the feedback we received for version 1.1 can be found below. As last time, these aren’t the only things that you can expect in future versions – we’ve got plenty more stuff on the way to improve usability and convenience.


Item Game Version  Status
Friends 8.7.1
Quickbar 8.7.1
Account Sitting is broken 8.7.1
Troops still being recruited 8.7
Poor mobile pages performance 8.8
User invite feature not triggering quest 8.8
Change queue order 8.8
Packages academy not optimised 8.8
Easier access to account sitting
Show ODA and ODD on profile
Copying publicized reports
Easy trains
App Version
Infinite loading 1.1.1
Easier multi-village handling 1.1.1
Native stuff from other worlds 1.1.1
“New” indicators stay long 1.2
See when partner read message 1.2
Possibility to view exact amount of resources 1.2
Possibility to view warehouse capacity 1.2
Farm Assistant in reports 1.2
iPad optimised
Show secrets on map
Show church area on map
Landscape mode
Show bonus village’s bonus on map
Easier access to tribe forum
Loss of internet connection triggers several warnings?
Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile

iOS App: Feedback and Plans

Hi readers,

Over the past few days, we’ve got received a lot of feedback over the “App Feedback” button in the App’s menu. Thank you all for the emails! We’ve only managed to respond to a bit more than half, but all of them have been read and appreciated.

We’d like to share the summarized list of feedback that we can work on, when you can expect it to make it into the game, and what the current status is. If there isn’t anything in the “Version” column, it means we haven’t figured out a good way to handle that feedback item yet.


– in the game
– in review by apple – almost released


Item Game Version Status
Friends 8.7
Quickbar 8.7
Account Sitting breaks 8.7
Show remaining troops in queue 8.7
Performance improvements 8.8
Change queue order 8.8
Easier access to account sitting 8.8
Packages academy not optimised 8.8
Show ODA and ODD on profile
Copying publicized reports
Easier access to tribe forum
Easy trains
App Version
Infinite loading 1.1.1
Easier multi-village handling 1.1.1
Notifications from other worlds 1.1.1
“New” indicators stay long 1.2
Email invite feature doesnt like quests 1.2
See when mail partner read message 1.2
Show secrets on map
More friendly context menu
Show church area on map
Show bonus village’s bonus on map
Farm Assistant in reports
iPad optimised
Landscape mode
Show all resources, not just k
Show limit of warehouse

These aren’t the only things that you can expect in future versions, of course. We’ve got some ideas of our own on how we can improve usability and convenience… but more about those later!


Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile

iOS app update 1.1 available

Hey everyone,

I’d like to quickly get the really important things over with first, and note that in our office competition I completely thrashed my colleagues to be the first nobler.

Moving on, we’re happy to have released both an update to the iOS app and further improvements to the mobile version of the game this week. If you already have the app, you should be able to update to the latest version now.

A lot of work has been put into polishing existent features in this app update, in particular removing some pesky crashes and bugs. We’ve dramatically increased the stability of the app.

The key changes we made were:

  • New navigation bar
  • Fixed many bugs and crashes
  • Forwarding reports now possible
  • Improved menu: better notification display and some new choices
  • Improved map usability
  • iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support

We’ve also been listening to feedback from around the world to our latest changes to the mobile version, and implemented a further set of improvements this week. The changes were:

– Mobile: The mobile quickbar can now be configured to be shown in a separate menu below the resources bar instead of at the end of the top menu. This can be changed from within the Settings screen.
– iOS app: The mobile quickbar can be enabled or disabled from the settings menu. Default disabled.
– If the quickbar item has no text the hover text will be shown instead.

Village list
– Mobile: This can be accessed by tapping the arrow to the right of your village name in the menu.
– iOS app: This can be access by tapping ‘Village select’ from the menu. In the next update you will also be able to access this by double tapping on your village name.

– Mobile: if your mobile browser supports it, you can now always see your incoming attacks/supports and whether you have new mails, reports or tribe forum posts by looking out for icons on the bottom right of the screen.

Usability & Layouts
– In older browsers a degraded layout is now available
– Improved farm assistant layout

In the future, we’re going to continue improving the mobile experience for Tribal Wars, with further updates to the mobile view and the iOS app, and of course an Android App. Next week we hope to update the iOS app again with further stability improvements.

Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile

Play time – iOS app update 1.1


It’s been quite a while since the last update to the iOS app, about 9 months ago. In that time we’ve been focussed on other things, like working on an Android App (still coming!) using a technology that would let us develop for both platforms simultaneously. For the moment, we’ve put to rest the idea of developing for both platforms at the same time, and decided that the iOS app needed some love, while work continues on the Android app by a different section of the team.

To make sure we’re happy with the changes we’re making in 1.1, a few of us here at the office challenged each other to see who could be first to conquer a second village, playing only from the app. Participants are: Hendrik/”exception” (an owner of InnoGames, and the original Developer), Jon/”Morthy” (long-standing Developer and Community Manager) and myself: Robert/”Typhi” (Product Manager).

I had to dubious honor of writing this blog post awarded to me by merit of currently being in the lead, though I suspect my hard-earned points and troops will soon be coughing in the dust of Jon, who seems singularly focussed on constructing buildings merely for their points value. (This is how I choose to interpret his growth.)

Anyway, here’s what you’re probably most interested in:

loverly pointzz!

Village Overview featuring new top bar

The primary change that you’ll find in the image on the left is the addition of an improved top bar. It’s got your village name, some resources display, and depending on your location: a “back” and a “back to village overview” button. In but a short while, whichever one of us manages to nab a second village first will be the proud owner of additional features in the top bar that will allow him to easily switch between villages.

According to the tribe rankings, what I’ve got now amounts to a whopping 287 points, which my competitors would do well to cower in fear of. My plan is currently built towards getting my greedy touch-enabled hands on Light Cavalry tech as quickly as possible, to give my farming runs a bit of a kick up the rear. Should I slow down long enough to pick up Axe research? Something tells me our dubiously flung-together tribe of 3 may not stay friendly for long.

Check in again in the next weeks for some more peeks at what update 1.1 will contain!


At InnoGames, Mobile

Poll results!

Hi guys,

As you will probably know, we recently did a poll of nearly all Tribal Wars players. In total, there were about 140,000 participants. Until now, the results had not yet been published. What you thought can be found below!

Research Manager (9.7%)
An addition to the Account Manager premium package that would provide you with a more convenient way of regulating the technology levels in many villages.

 Though this only had about 10% of our votes, that number would approximately line up with the estimated number of Account Manager users among the players that took the poll. This would mean that a grand majority of the Account Manager users probably voted for this feature – making it a very important addition, in their eyes. For this reason, and because this would be comparatively little work, we’re going to try to push this one into our next release alongside one of the other players’ choices.

Troop Stats (40.6%)
Troops are very important to any style of play – troop stats could potentially show you the sites of your latest sieges, most heroic last stands and an overview or graphs of your total troop population.

 I’m a bit disappointed by the results for this feature – it would have been my personal favourite out of the list. I’ve always enjoyed stats of all kinds, and I’d like to have seen what was going on with my troops, but we’ll have to put this on hold, as the your preferences apparently lie elsewhere.

More Quests (49.7%) – Winner!
Additional quests – new content to discover, and more rewards to enjoy.

 Everyone (well, about 50% of everyone) loves the quests – or perhaps they just like the free resources. :P We’ll make sure to include some more quests in the upcoming update. We’ve got a few thoughts on what they should be, but please feel free to submit some of your own via the suggestions forums!


Fixes, patches and updates!, General, New Feature

Bug Info: Troop Deletion

Hey folks,

Note for .net players: if you’re interested in how the problems affected you as a player, you are better off reading the announcement thread on the .net forums: link

Yesterday, experienced an issue that presented itself as all troops disappearing from certain villages. We’ve now managed to wrap everything up, but finding, fixing and repairing the damage caused by this bug took us the most part of the day because of the complexity, and we thought that you guys might be interested in hearing more about it!

12:00 – We had just finished the day’s planned updates to 8.5 on schedule. Besides, we had also updated the Bosnian, Croatian, Finnish, Indonesian and US versions, and would be starting worlds. The day before, we had updated and started worlds for the Swiss and UK versions, with had gone relatively smoothly. We monitored everything for another hour or so, and then stepped out quickly for lunch, so as to be back on time for some meetings and the world starts at 14:00

14:00 – On the way back from lunch, I got texted by a colleague “Major bug in TW, villages lost their troops!” We hurried to our seats, and discovered that players with population bonus villages with a population higher than 24,000 no longer had any troops in them.

Now believe me – there’s a lot of odd things that can go wrong with a game, and especially so if that game has had dozens of different developers working on it at different times over more than 9 years – but this was certainly an interesting one.

One of the first things we looked at was the collection of ready-made repair tools that we have accumulated over the years, for all of the little quirks that can pop up from time to time. We’ve got a few of those tools related to village population, so it was a good bet that one of them might be of some help.

14:15 – Jackpot – the repair tools helped, but not in the way it was intended. When checking our repair tool log, we discovered that some of the repair processes were running every hour. They had been initially activated to run hourly for the rest of the night at around 23:00 one night about a month ago, to correct a small issue in an earlier version, but due to an oversight, they had not been deactivated again in the morning that the true issue was fixed. Now, this would normally not be a problem, but in this case, since it was the repair tool itself that was the issue, it most certainly was.

15:00 – Finding the error in the repair process was not too difficult – 2 characters in the code had been incorrectly placed. The normal functionality of this particular population tool is to correct freak errors which can cause incorrect population numbers – to solve this, the tool kills troops (noblemen excluded) in a village until it is at the correct population value again. In this case, the incorrectly placed characters caused the tool to determine that any village with a population sum higher than 24,000 was an abomination that needed to be purged completely of all inhabitants. (More details can be found at the bottom of this post.)

The true problem was now that a good number of players had lost their troops to our system’s failure – completely unacceptable. This would be the subject of the next several hours of work.

Our system makes regular backups of the game’s state so that we are always prepared to correct errors when they inevitably occur. It was to these backups that we turned, to retrieve the troops value that the depopulated villages should have. These backups needed to be made available for every world, and we had to write, test and rewrite some tools to detect which villages and players were affected, grab the information from the backup database, and apply it to the live database.

Discussion about the optimal restoration method.

18:30 – After several hours of work, we had a solution we were sure of and were able to roll it out for all worlds on, to restore everyone’s troops. That was definitely not the end of things, though: we had inconvenienced players for a good portion of the day. Work commenced on an additional tool for compensating the affected players, and pizza was ordered – it was going to be a long night. (Pizza is very important in any programming work.)

20:00 – Halfway through pizza, additional reports started coming in from players that had not actually received their troops back. After a bit of fiddling, it turned out that these were all coming from the same world  World 55. This confused us to no end, because the output from the fixing process was displaying that world has handled, and even gave us the amount of players and villages that supposedly had been properly repopulated.

Cue frantic research. Was the reporting system somehow biased towards only informing us about W55, but the problem more widespread? Did we have more active players on that single world, which was skewing our data? (W55 does actually have more players than others of comparable age.) Did we somehow have our reports handling system set up incorrectly so that we were only seeing reports from W55? (Nope) Did W55 have anything special in its configuration? Start time? Features? (W55 has a higher unit speed than the norm, was the first world that started in 2011, and the second world after 7.0, so it contained, for example, militia.) Nothing from any of these areas of research revealed anything of relevance.

Villages were double-and-triple checked with the help of the moderation team. In the office, we passed player and village IDs back and forth to each other over instant messengers for comparison to the restoration script’s output, comparison to detection process running on the backup, or on the live world.

In the end, it turned out that the output saying that W55 had been handled was incorrectly reporting the W56 values for W55, and W56 looked like it had been ommitted. Lamely, we solved it by running the troops restoration process again, for only W55.


Output from restoration process.

22:00 – With all worlds fixed, only thing left to do was run the compensation script which would grant a certain amount of premium points to each affected player, and notify them via mail – this had been finished separately, while the other research was still ongoing. We started the script, monitored for another 15 minutes, and called it a night.


There were a total of 25,040 villages affected villages, belonging to 2890 players.

/Sirko and Robert


Additional info about the problem, for those who are interested:

The repairscript for fixing villages with too high population numbers was the root of all of these problems. Normally it scans through all villages with a population higher than 24000 (which is the default max population for a level 30 farm), calculates the real allowed maximum population and finally removes units from this village until it is below the calculated maximum and back to normal.

The bug was in the calculation of the allowed maximum population. Normally the base-population per level is calculated and several factors are applied. In this case, the usual farm level was much too high and not in range of the normal 0-30 which resulted in an overflow which equivalented in the end to 0. That means that all scanned villages (village population bonus villages with more than 24000 pop) got their units reduced until they reached the calculated allowed max – 0.

Fixes, patches and updates!

Android App Beta Release

This week, we released the first Beta version of our Android app for Tribal Wars, on Google Play (android market). (No charge!)

It is still in a relatively early stage of development, so there will be some bugs, perhaps some missing graphics and a few limitations. For now, you will only be able to use and register accounts on (So don’t try logging into your or accounts. :P) If that doesn’t scare you off, head over to Google Play to give it a try! Click here for the app

Those of you familiar with the iOS app will immediately notice some differences between the apps based on the screenshots provided here – we’ve redesigned the main interface of the app as well as the way features are used within the app itself. On top of that, we’ve given it a graphics overhaul, to make it easier on the eyes. (Let us know what you think!) Besides the redesign, we’ve also included a couple more app-implemented features: the Construction and Recruitment screens, to be exact. You can see the current version of the Construction screen on the left here.

At the moment, the app only works with most Android touchscreen phones – we’ll be adding support for higher resolution and tablets before we release it beyond Beta.


We’ll start working on converting much of the same functionality of this new Android app over to iOS once we have got the Android version properly released.

We’ll let you know when this gets released for general use. For now, head on over to Google Play if you want to help us with some testing! Click here





Mobile, New Feature

8.2 dev update

Hey everyone,

we finished the 8.2 release a while back, so we thought it was time to update you again on how things are going.

With 8.2, there are some new Features like

  •  It is now possible to view the Quest system on the mobile version. initially we thought the Quest system is mainly used from new players that do not use the mobile version already, but due to high demand we also made it available to the mobile version.
  •  Also, we added applying to a tribe to lower barriers for new players that are looking for a tribe, because as you all know, good tribe participation is important for your long-term success.

There were of course a lot of other small features like resetting for the war stats display, including and excluding certain unit types in Request Troops (Rally Point) or in the Farm Assistant. There was some other stuff that you won’t see but hopefully will notice: we improved the performance of sorting the overview columns.

With every version we also have to fix bugs since even we are just humans, and will inevitably accidentally introduce a few errors with every version.

  •  Going forward and backwards in reports sometimes was not working or behaving “strangely”… this was related to reports arriving at the same second. That is usually rare but possible and with auto generated reports like the trade notifications, that error will of course pop up more often. We fixed this one by ordering the reports by their id rather than their date if they arrived in the same second.
  •  The villageinfo pop up on the map was not working correctly and showed the wrong village information or was even “iterating” over all villages you hovered over with your mouse. Now were are back to only showing village information about the village right under the mouse and not stacking them by accident so no more strange behaviour or annoying iterating.

I recently worked on a bug in the farmassistant – the calculated possible resources are not regarding the village hide or the bonuses correctly. For example it showed that there are 1844 resources available in a village with bonus but the hide is 10 – so in reality there are no resources to get. While simulating the resource production (which is only based on report information) we take these variables also into account now. Also the more rare cases where a hide is bigger than the storage of a villages looks nicer now and is not just empty but indicates that there is nothing to get.

Remember, we can’t fix bugs alone! We need your help with finding them so that we can provide a higher quality game. If you’re interested in helping out, hop on over to and report bugs in the forum’s bugtracker.



Fixes, patches and updates!

iPhone app version 1.0.2 landing shortly

Hi everyone,

Localization for a new version of the app has nearly finished and we’ll soon be submitting the update to Apple for approval. Based on prior approval times we hope the update will available on Friday.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Lowered iOS version requirement to 4.2.
  • Fixed continent display on map displaying back to front.
  • It is now possible to select the .US market from the market selection screen.
  • Improved error/confirmation messages when purchasing premium points.

The problem with mail/report notification icons still showing in the game menu after reading reports/mails using the app is a problem on the server side. The fix for this is ready but has not yet been deployed to worlds.

– Jon


iPhone app now available

Hi everyone,

The app is now available and can be downloaded here:

There is a known issue where attempting to change native functionality settings or exit that screen will result in an app crash in iOS versions prior to 5.0. Version 1.0.1 of the app fixes this problem and has already been submitted to Apple for approval.

The .us and public beta markets are also currently missing from the app. These will be added in version 1.0.2.

We are aware that the some devices may not be able to run the app due to the iOS 4.3 requirement. We will investigate to see if we can drop the version requirement to 4.0.


Fixes, patches and updates!, Mobile