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Tribal Wars in 3D!

The Future The recent trend towards 3D technology can’t have gone unnoticed. Movies were only the first step – it is now time for the Gaming industry to step forward and set the new 3D benchmark. We know what you’ve … Continue reading

Fixes, patches and updates!

Hot-patch report #2

Some fixes being rolled out on DS.NET today. World wide next week, Monday. – Fixed help link not always working in Mobile layout – Fixed problem with registering a new account with an old inactive username – Fixed a bug … Continue reading

Fixes, patches and updates!

SOLVED: Critical (loadbalancer) server issues

We are again fighting against critical server issues. Below we will keep you updated as we continue. You are at the moment unable to reach some start-pages or worlds of our game. We are also not capable of writing any … Continue reading

Fixes, patches and updates!

… “How does he do this!?”

“He uses a Userscript allowed by InnoGames” … “Where do i find this Script?” … “Search the Forum for it!“… this dialog should be known by everyone, that started using his first userscript. We decided, this is not very userfirendly … Continue reading


Improving bot protection

Heya everyone, Bot protection has been a feature in Tribal Wars for as long as I can remember, though on most versions it didn’t make a large appearance until after the release of version 7.0. At it has actually … Continue reading


Politics ain’t no grey business anymore!

Howdy! Did you ever get the impression that Tribal Wars was missing some colors lately? Well, worry no more: Many of you asked for it, so we decided to re-implement the political map with 7.1!   Gloriously returning with 7.1: … Continue reading

Ideas, New Feature

Hot-patch report #1

Hi all, So as promised, here is the first Patch report, it is being shipped as i am writing. =) Count down timer for Arabic and Israel have been mirrored the right way Various layout fixes for Arabic and Israel … Continue reading

Fixes, patches and updates!

The shortcoming of bugs

I always try to imagine these really cool titles for topics in different blogs and such, although i regularly fail on writing something exciting. Well aye, now that title does sound good, doesn’t it? Recently we internally talked about a … Continue reading

Fixes, patches and updates!, General

Tribal Wars – coming soon to iOS

Hey everyone, After receiving a lot of requests we recently started working on creating an iPhone app for Tribal Wars. Work on the application started on Saturday, but I’m going to try and share progress fairly regularly. Currently we have … Continue reading


Introductions, introductions and further more, bah, welcome!

Really, i had nothing else smart to write as the title, hopefully in the future it will be better. But hey, welcome to the start of the DevBlog for Tribal Wars. Each developer from the team, including myself (i’m not … Continue reading