Beta Running 7.3

Ohai again,

We just updated our Beta worlds to our first edition of Tribal Wars 7.3… head on over World 1 to have a look at some of the new features –

The only developer that is currently in the office is a bit bored because of the lack of bug reports so far. Can anyone lend the man a hand?


At InnoGames, Fixes, patches and updates!


  1. JKpowned

    Their are still enough unfixed bugs ;)

  2. p.

    enough bugs now?^^

  3. Maldita Hacha

    I don’t see any sense in reporting new bugs while there are so many unanswered and unsolved reports.

  4. have tried for the last 5 hours to get into the Sandpit but every time it just stops loading or it loads but I cannot get into any of the villages as it “freezes”

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