Tribal Wars for iOS 1.2 coming soon

Hey all,

We’ve recently finished development of the next version of the iOS app and want to share what is coming while the app goes through approval @ Apple.

In this update we’ve taken on a lot of feedback from players and made several improvements/changes, as well as implementing new features and functionality.

Mails, Reports and Village information

The mails screen now has the same functionality as the desktop version of the game and shows your conversation partner’s read status for mails. The screen has also been optimised to show longer mail subjects.

The reports screen has also been optimised so you can always see the village involved in a report.

Lastly, after introducing the new top bar we received feedback about players missing the ability to see the full amount of resources and warehouse capability. You can now tap on any of the resource displays in the top bar to show a detailed view with all of this information.

New app functionality: Village Headquarters and Quests

We’ve now implemented the village HQ and quest system directly into the app for better speed and responsiveness. If the quests system is active on your world, you’ll be able to access quests from the bottom bar, which also shows the number of open quests and indicates if you’ve made any progress in a quest.

There’s not much more to say about the HQ, except that since all the graphics are loaded directly from the app it should be much faster.

New graphics

In the past couple of months we’ve slowly been replacing the graphics in the app to be suitable for retina devices. In version 1.2 we’ve finished this process.

The biggest change is to the map graphics, where we’ve recreated everything from scratch in much higher detail. Though we know this is a big change (the map graphics have looked the same for many years) we hope players will quickly get used to the new details.

We hope you enjoy this update.

Jon / Morthy

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  1. Ted James

    Hey TW devs,

    I have 2 issues with the new 1.2, firstly that the time had been removed from the village HQ and also the quests down the bottom should be able to be turned off.


  2. Hi, I think you’ve done a god job and I like the version much more. But the current version has a lot of bugs. Here is an example: “not constructed” is not translated for German (I didn’t like apps who using 2 languages).
    Sometimes I become the error: “invalid village”.
    And I think the new map graphics bad. The look confused and ugly. Would you use the actually browser graphics with retaina display support?

    Sincently yours, Matteo (Matt3o12)

    • Typhi

      Hi Matt,

      About the language: some parts of the app currently use your phone’s language settings, so if you have your phone set to English, it will use that.

      About the map graphics: there will be an option to switch between the old and the new map graphics in the next version.

      • Hi Typhi, thank you very much for your replay.
        My Phone language is setted to German and everything, without “not constructed”, is in German when I’m playing in German servers. I think yours translater made a mistake or forgot that.

        But an other question, when is the iPad version? Or when is a better touch support coming?
        (With my iPad, I am unable to switch the order for units or builds. The mobile version is very confusing with my iPad).

        Best regard Matteo

  3. The LaW

    Hello TW-Team!
    Can you do the same for Android, because it sucks going to TW trough browser.

  4. praveen13

    New graphics! i love it!
    it would be nice if new graphics are introduced even in the village overview!
    then it would be a tough competition to kingdoms of camelot and other strategy games!

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