New world start on the Beta server!

Dear players,

The world 1 of our Beta server will restart soon, and we would like to see you join it!

The Beta server is where all the new features that are implemented in Tribal Wars goes first, allowing you to test them, give us your feedback and find the bugs so we can change it before releasing on your version.

More players on the Beta server means a better chance to find all the potential issues and bugs that new features sometime bring along!

It is a world where you can play normally, but finding bugs or errors and reporting them is rewarded! Please be warned that the world is in English, as well as the forum.

The preregistrations for World 1 open on the 24.01 and the world starts on the 27.01, you can join it here:

The settings of this world are a bit special, it will be a speed 10!

You can find the detailled settings here:

For every bug in the game you find as first reporter, you get a 30 premium point prize on the version of your choice. To illustrate: for 30 premium points you can get a 3-day premium account or use the farm assistant for a full month.

We will also grant some premium at the start of every month to all players!

In addition, we will run some special missions, displayed on the Beta forum ( every time a new feature is implemented, and these missions can make you earn more premium. So please make sure to register to the forum when you join!

This will be the case with the start of the world: new missions will start with the implementation of a new feature, the inventory!

Make sure to join and participate to this special world!

See you on the Beta server,

Your Tribal Wars Team

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